Google’s new ‘Play Points’ program aims to reward you for Play Store purchases

If you’re a Google Play Store shopaholic, you might be pleased to hear that you can now be rewarded for purchasing content of any kind on the store. Google is rolling out the “Play Points” rewards program (previously a Japan-exclusive service) to US residents today. After signing up for this program, every app, movie, book, … [Read more…]

Facebook employees stage rare protest against Zuckerberg's response to Trump – CNET

Facebook employees are staging a rare protest against the company for leaving up a post from President Donald Trump they say could incite violence. The employees, who began publicly criticizing the social network on Twitter over the weekend, have escalated their disapproval by staging a virtual walkout and symbolically changing their workplace profile pictures.  The … [Read more…]

How to get more followers on Instagram

Presented by saim ch Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks in the world, just behind Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a business person or individual who wants to grow their Instagram reputation, then you must attract more followers to it. Once you build up your followers list, every Instagram post that … [Read more…]